Advice from a tree..

One of the world’s largest living organisms is an Aspen Grove in Utah. It has over 47,000 trees but shares one root system. I believe this is amazing and that together, they thrive. Individually they might be good, but not thrive. If we let nature teach us here, we can very clearly see the lesson. Together we are better, stronger, and can battle the storms. We need each other, we are social species.

We have a special connection, a special root system. It’s time we stop belittling each other

and grow together, with one root system. This is why we have each other; we are not meant to weather the storm alone. It's taking time to nurture your relationships; your friendships are key to thriving we are better together.

Taking the time to say thank you, or can you help me bring your awareness to quality, not quantity Having meaningful relationships is key to leading a self-fulfilled and happy life. Loneliness is proven to affect our bodies are brains from our cardiovascular system to endocrine and immune systems. Just as the aspen tree maintains its vibrancy through its root system, so do we, through our quality connections with others.

We help each other stand when the storm blows through,

when the rains come in and when the lightning strikes.

Are you allowing others to help you, to connect to work, to with one root system,

or are you trying to stand all on your own?

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