Are you a self-healing renegade?

Updated: Mar 22

Are you a self-healing renegade? You know a little rougher around the edges, but inside a little lab puppy who wants nothing but to be cuddled. Then you have found the right place. The place where you can be you, brokin, busted and all. Yet filled with a passion to live, to thrive and craving for more. A place where respect comes first, but being a follower is last. You always seems to be a little outside the crowd, maybe you feel like most of your life people don’t get you. Like you almost confuse them. Yet to you it all makes sense.

It’s also called a toasted marshmallow, you know warm and gooey on the inside, sensitive, empathic, but the out side is a different story. The scars have made you rough, badass, and sometimes the word fuck comes out way too many times. Yet, the scars remind you know it’s your job to love deeper and live fuller

You know there is much more than you, it is much bigger than you, you know you have to do the work, but man when the work is covered in rainbows, lotus flowers, words like blossom, and shine you light you run for the hills. Trust me I get it, and I have been a yoga teacher for 10 years.

I can’t sit here and say I don’t believe in those things, like shine your light because I do. But to me it’s more like be a fucking rockstar, be a badass ( a good one), dig in, move soldier and rock all over who you are. Yes, shine your light but you can say it in a way that works for you. It’s about finding your peace, your voice, your truth. It’s about rising up. The thing is I get both sides, I cry at the drop of the hat, I am sensitive which took me years to realize is a good thing, my heart rips at the seems, but if that was not part of me I think I might have turned to stone. That is where renegade self-healer comes in, choosing to heal, to grown because you know the other outcome is turning to stone.

Right now I don’t know the exact course of this, tell me what do you need? I can’t tell you exactly what’s coming next. What I can tell you is that it will be from my heart, it will be from my experience, it will be raw and real. It will be a little renegade just like whiskey in your coffee. Like who the fuck writes a self-heal book called Whiskey in Your Coffee? But it’s the truth, sometimes you just need some whiskey in your coffee. I am not advocating drinking your problems aways, I am advocating being real. Where did that go, being real? We all run around saying we are fine and seems to me most people are a damn mess. Well I say it’s time we pull it together, we get back in the saddle, we heal, we grow, we choose to thrive. We know choosing your life, your choices into your own hands is the only way to really thrive, to do the work and to live this one magnificent life you love. We know it’s not rainbows and butterflies. It’s grit and grace, it’s not just a highlight reel, it’s life. How are you going to choose to live it, are you ready to be a renegade healer?

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