Are you afraid of your own shadow??

My horse, Waylon is big, beautiful, strong, loving,

kind, and powerful, yet terrified of his own shadow. It’s

like he wouldn’t know what to do if he realized how strong

he is. What would it be like if you released your potential if

you showed the world what you’re made of instead of being

afraid of it? Can you imagine how that would feel?

It tends to be our full power that we are afraid of, showing

up with all you were made to do and be. You just have to

learn how to release your own power and not be afraid.

Begin to visualize the life you want, and how you show

up in that life. Who are you being? To be the big creation

machine you are, you will need to step outside of your comfort

zone and show up. It’s your time.

Time to play big, time to unleash your full potential and to stop being

afraid of your own shadow.

Are you afraid of your own shadow, of unleashing all

your power to your full potential?

Time to show the world

what you are made of.

Are you getting in your own way?

Check out the private coaching to help you get unstuck, out of your own way, and create a life you love!

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