"Be less emotional" advice from Dad


I know, I know, be less emotional? But I’m a woman that’s who I am, how am I supposed to be less emotional.......

Well, I’ll be honest it’s taken me over 30 years to even begin to understand that phrase let alone implement it. But it makes sense, he’s saying slow down, think. Then decide then move forward. But the way the brain works is kinda backward from that, we work emotionally than rationally. So we have to work on emotional intelligence to slow down to think to then decide. Trust me it’s easy to understand, but in my experience hard to implement but like everything, practice makes it easier. It may not be fun but asking yourself, what makes me tick, what triggers me and how do I handle it is a good place to start? Start by acknowledging and recognizing your patterns or triggers. Time and time again it’s easy to blame the other person, but the one thing we can always do is choose how we control our reaction. That’s the key to being “less emotional” slow down enough to think before you react. Remember, breathe, move, feel, process.

Want to dive into some more advice from dad?? Check out this week’s podcast for a real, raw conversation about advice from dads, and how people handle situations completely opposite.

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