Did you "ruin" your favorite hat...

Do you have a favorite hat? You know the one your mom always told you to throw away or your girlfriend tried to burn? When I was younger my brother would take his hat, use my dad's file on the end to rough it up, throw it in the dish washer then wrap rubber bands around the end to a brand new perfectly good hat!!! All because he wanted it to be Bro'kin he wanted it to feel like he had it forever, it was cozy and he knew exactly how it was going to fit.

I think this is pretty ironic that we want to take something brand new and "ruin it". This seems to be where we miss the mark, we want to be something we are not, we are trying to be perfect. See most of us are Bro'kin on some level, there is no need to compare your story to someone else's, no need to think your pain, your story isn't significant because it's not as bad or as good as someone else's... it's your story, it's your hat. We all have a story and that is what makes you so special is your story, so no matter how you have gotten to where you are at, no matter your level of Bro'kin, we are in this together, the more we rock our own version of an old baseball hat the more healing we will have.

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