Have a Dance Party! 3 habits that help me "beat" depression..

Updated: Mar 31

The phrase "beating" depression seems to me like it is always going to be a fight; like it is always going to be a struggle, which right away is exhausting, as well as leaving you feeling hopeless. That is at least how I felt.

You might be thinking if it is always going to be this way if it is always a battle, what's the point? I am here to remind you it is not always a battle. It's changing the narrative, pretty much just the way you look at it. You are meant to thrive.

Are you exhausted from that narrative in your life? The narrative that it is always going to be a fight, a battle? Step back, stop the fight. Add in tools and strategies to help you overcome, that help you thrive.

I know you are saying, “That’s easier said than done,” or “Must be nice right?” (REMEMBER, I KNOW ALL THE B.S. EXCUSES)

Yes, it is that easy... if YOU CHOOSE. Choose you, choose to dive in, choose to add in positive daily habits.

So on a daily, I choose multiple outlets, tools, and more for my mental well-being so that I thrive instead of battle. Here are 3 of my tools and habits that help me thrive instead of battle.


To be honest, I have a dance party every day, and I didn't even realize it until now. That is because it's now a habit. Music and movement are great outlets to get out of a funk and lift your spirit. In my podcast with Sly Wilson of Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame, he states, "Music is the healing force of the world.” If music is powerful enough to heal the world, imagine how a little dance party can help you out in an instant! Music has become so powerful it is being used in more and more health care settings.

In this article by Medical News Today, music is "shown to be beneficial in mental health care as well as more health care settings." But increasingly, researchers are finding that the health benefits of music may go beyond mental health; and as a result, some health experts are calling for music therapy to be more widely incorporated into health care settings."

SO TURN IT UP AND SHAKE IT OUT!!! Check out this Spotify playlist for some of my favorites to get you moving!


There is so much incredible science behind our connection with mother nature, from VIT D to Biophilia (our connection to mother nature) that it will require a post all on its own.

So for now keep it simple. Get outside for 10 mins at least. Walk. Sit. Breathe. Just get outside. It's free, it costs you nothing.

Put a reminder on your fridge, your mirror, whatever it takes.

Ok, what's the argument this time... it's cold, or rainy, or you're tired?

"If you can't make it outside, listening to nature sounds can have a similar effect, suggests a report published online March 27, 2017, scientific Reports. Researchers used an MRI scanner to measure brain activity in people as they listened to sounds recorded from either natural or artificial environments." (2017) The good news is you can't get outside evening listening to nature sounds is a good alternative.

Maybe have a dance party to nature sounds? mmmmm....


Competence creates confidence. Confidence improves your mood and your self-worth—two emotions which the depression monster loves to attack!

You see, learning one thing new just gives you the courage to keep trying. It gives you an outlet, space to breathe and turn the analytical brain into the creative brain.

"Research shows that learning new skills can also improve your mental well-being by boosting self-confidence and raising self-esteem, helping you to build a sense of purpose, helping you to connect with others.” (2019)

So what is it you have always wanted to learn? Go run to it like lightning and start boosting your confidence today! Little by little you will get there. Let it be fun as well as a positive outlet in your mental health toolbox.

Start adding in daily tools for your mental well-being and start to see the shifts in your life.

Remember habits add up to be your life so..

"What you do every day is more important than what you do every once in a while." -anonymous

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