Planting Seeds Co.

I owned a yoga studio that I closed last April, but while I had it we would hand out bamboo to students to remind them to plant seeds in their life, and with proper love and care they will grow.

"Have you heard the story of the Chinese bamboo tree? The remarkable thing about this tree is that it takes five years for it to emerge from the ground. But when it sprouts, it grows rapidly in five weeks to a height of over 80 feet – as long as the tree was well nurtured" -

I love this and so many times plant seeds then life shifts and that "seed" was put on hold or it needed time to grow. While I nurtured it along the way as well as let it be.

When I shut the studio doors, I started going ok what's next, what do I really desire in life and one project that came to mind was Planting Seeds Co. I have also loved working with kids, teaching kids yoga, and Planting Seeds Co was a project to help kids grow to thrive. I started to work on but other things became the priority and I let it sit, I gave it time to grow.

This brings us today and the launch of the Planting Seeds Co, which I truly believe is in a time that our kids couldn't need it more. (and us)

During the shut-down last year my boyfriend pointed out how many conversations were about the prevention of the virus and the concept of prevention of depression and anxiety? Could you imagine if we helped "flatten this curve"?

Well, it got me thinking about why I do what I do, and my mission behind breaking the stigma of mental health. My why is to help heal, as well as prevent as much as possible the struggles of mental health. It's for my niece, my nephew, and every child out there... IF I COULD HELP PREVENT the way I felt then I will do anything I can.

I begin to research depression prevention and articles to see if this is a thing if it's possible to stop it before it starts and that we must do more to help.

~Major Depression Can Be Prevented

Ricardo F. Muñoz, William R. Beardslee, and Yan Leykin

Finding that it is possible from the article written above among others, I realized that a lot of my heart truly lies in the kiddos in helping them gain skills and grow to thrive. This now brings me to the mission behind Planting Seeds Co and the concept of growing our youth through life skills, the great outdoors, and positive vibes.

1. Get them outside, learn love and respect for nature. Mother nature is one of our greatest teachers and we must give back to her. The great outdoors is a huge component of happiness and well-being.

2. Teaching Life Skills is so important for a child to gain confidence, resilience, and grow to be able to navigate life easier. Everything from skills in the kitchen to changing a tire so many of our life skills are becoming overlooked because of the business of life as well as many other things.

"Competence creates confidence"

3. Positive vibes are plantings seed's way of incorporating mindfulness into a child's day to day life, from learning gratitude to nutrition to mediation learning as many skills for the brains health is a huge way to help them grow to thrive.

Planting seeds is the kid's division of Brokin which is teaching people they are not Broken, yet brokin just like a good pair of boots. Planting seeds is truly from my heart and I believe I planted this seed a year ago and it's the perfect time to share it. right now more than ever we need to plant seeds of love, compassion, and gratitude. I believe we have to show up, be the leaders and spread positive vibes the best we can. During this new period of our lives, remember to get outside, breathe, tell the ones you love, that you love them, keep planting seeds in your life, nurture yourself and let's help our youth thrive!

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