Singing out Loud

I sang in front of someone today for the first time since 6thgrade. See, I didn’t make the 6th-grade chorus, and as my good buddy said, “Nikki, did we even have to try out for the 6th-grade chorus?” Meaning “everyone” made the 6th-grade chorus but me! You see, we had to have a musical elective. When I didn’t make chorus, band it was; and I was forced to play saxophone in the band. The band at that time was for the nerdy kids. All the cool kids made chorus—at least that was the story I told myself. Well, I held onto the story that I couldn’t sing and feared singing. That shut my voice down for years. Now, 20 years later, I finally let that fear go. I know that my voice is going to need some work, but I started. That’s all that matters, and it is about so much more than singing.

It is about me using my authentic voice, as well. This story taught me that even if my voice shakes, share my truth. Honor who I am and don’t hold back. Now, I get to keep going and learn to sing, to really belt it out. I had to start. I had to let go of a stupid fear from 20 years ago.

It’s your turn. Let the world know your story.

What fear is in the way, what’s stopping you from having fun, from

growing and really sharing your voice?

I can tell you, let that story go, it’s so much better on the side

Go sing out loud!

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