The Zipper. Those scars + changes are just stories... My mom’s nickname in high school was the zip

My mom’s nickname in high school was the zipper. People

used to say that If she turned sideways and stuck

out her tongue she was so little and flat she looked like a zipper.

She is still as beautiful now as back then but let's just say;

no longer flat-chested. (I hope she doesn’t kill me for writing this).

I share this story with you because all of our bodies change. Has yours?

The thing is we forget all the stories that come with

the changes, like how your body got you through all those

games you played as a kid, or how it helped you make the

sports team, or maybe your hands painted beautiful art. Your

body got you through those rough nights in college or the

birth of your beautiful babies. What about those laugh lines

or those crow's feet of wisdom. I think they should be called

owl lines because they are signs of being wise.

No matter how your body has changed, love it, acknowledge

it, and have gratitude for it. You will only have one. Shift

your perspective of your body to love, gratitude, and stories,

it will change your entire life.

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