What is Brokin?

I love boots, especially really comfy, “Brokin” cowboy boots.

The good ones, that have been through the mud, but only to have come out on the other side,

brokin and all.

They are so easy to slide onto my feet. I can wear them all day.

They are cute (this matters), and I am nothing but comfortable.

We’re all a “little brokin.” We’ve been through the grit, but

we came out on the other side a comfier in our own skin,

like that old pair of jeans or boots that are perfectly worn in.

“Brokin,” is a way of living with grit and grace, because you live

with all the stories that made you who you are today.

So many of the moments I share in this book are to

remind you that you’ve got this; that you are amazing the

way you are and to allow yourself grace on the days you need

it, grit on the others.

To love who you are, share

your story, good and bad, to live free, with light and laughter

and most importantly love and rock all of who you are

brokin and all.

What’s better than you being you, all of you just like a

great pair of Brokin Boots?

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