Whiskey in your Coffee.

Updated: Mar 31

I’m sitting here trying to write this book. Fighting back the tears, thinking, “What the hell am I doing? No one is going to read this. Who do you think you are?”It feels like a “Whiskey in my Coffee” kind of day. See, the name “Whiskey in Your Coffee” is more of a metaphor, though trust me, some days I do add to my coffee.

The title of this book all started with a phrase my best friend and I would say, “Feels like a whiskey in our coffee kind of day.” It was a joke. Well, most of the time; but it was our way of saying, “Man, today feels heavy already.” You know what I mean--those days where it starts feeling off; where you want to curl back into bed; where a little whiskey in your coffee is the only way you will get through it. The good news is, it's perfectly okay to have those days. A metaphor for those days when my mind swirls and says things like, “What the hell am I doing?” “Who am I?” or “How am I gonna get through this?” Whiskey in my coffee is the only way, throw in the towel.

This seems to happen when I’m on the right path. It’s never when I am running away or hiding that my brain starts to go into overdrive. It’s always when I’m going for it and taking leaps of faith and trusting, when fear sneaks into my head. This is where grit comes in. This is when I look upon my own fear and tell it to “Take a seat. I’ve got work to do.” I often have to tell “fear” to get out or “Not today Satan.”

Do you ever have times like that? When your brain is swirling with everything negative? Those days feel so terribly awful, but you will survive days like that. Survive the moments when you’re being attacked. It begins with breathing slowly.

Those days happen, but that is not meant to be your life. You are meant to thrive, so you can live your wildest dreams. Your life is meant to be filled with love, laughter, and joy. Your life is a collection of stories that make you the Superwoman you are, brokin and all.

It takes grit and a lot of trust. I promise that all you have to do is just shift your focus to stop the swirling. You can do it. Go write your book. Sing your song. Do whatever it is you desire. Take the leap. Show this world how magical you are. What leap can you take today that will start you on the path to your dreams?

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